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"George is the BEST Groomer and has really helped my girls look and feel their best! I first met George from a referral after my older Shih-Tzu had an unfortunate grooming accident with another groomer causing her to need stitches. His gentle voice and handling of the girls has been a key to his success."
-Micah and Theresa Diamond, clients since 2004


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What are the advantages of having my dog groomed at home?


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grooming services


Full Grooming Package*

Full Grooming Services Include:

  • Peticure/nail trim
  • Ear cleaning
  • Sanitary clip
  • All natural shampoo and leave in conditioner
  • Full body massage
  • Fluff dry
  • Haircut to the breed standards, or customized to your own specifications
  • Light cologne
  • Bow or Bandanna upon request
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*Grooming rates are determined by the breed and condition of the coat.


Extra Services**

A La Carte Services

  • Teeth brushing ($10.00)
  • Nail Polished ($15.00)
  • Hot Oil Treatment ($25.00)
  • Flea & Tick Treatment ($20.00)


Creative Styling Services

  • Hair Coloring and Styling (Starts at $45.00)
  • Hair Color Stencil (Starts at $30.00)


Spa Treatment Packages (all three treatments for $30.00)

  • Refresh Bath

    A gentle body cleanser shampoo contains: vanilla, white tea and milk thistle. It is a circulation booster and naturally aromatic.
  • Nourish Vitamin Conditioner

    A deep rich conditioner designed to repair damaged hair. Contains: white ginger, botanical moisturizers and warm vanilla.
  • Blueberry Facial Scrub

    A soothing , balanced facial cleaner contains, a balanced blend of blueberries and vanilla effectively removes dirt and stains , without stinging the eyes.


**Add-ons to your full grooming service
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